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  • ES=Elementary School
  • MS=Middle School
  • HS=High School
  • A=Academic, university
  • K12

Primary Sources (HS, Valenza)
Primary Resources (ES, Keisa Williams)
Doin' the Decades (HS, Valenza)
Web Guide to Native American History (HS, MS, findingDulcinea)
Web Guide to Explorers and Colonists in Early America (HS, MS findingDulcinea)
Web Guide to Slavery in America (HS, MS findingDulcinea)
Web Guide to the U.S. Civil War (HS, MS findingDulcinea)
Revolutionary War (ES, grade 4, Keisa Williams)
Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor (ES, Keisa Williams)
American Symbols (ES, Keisa Williams)
Black History Month Resources (ES, Jamie Camp)
Black History Resources (ES, Keisa Williams)
Black History For Kids (ES, Keisa Williams)
U.S. Civil War (ES, MS, zmidler)
Civil War (ES, SHaberstroh)
Revolutionary War (ES, SHaberstroh)
Underground Railroad (ES, SHaberstroh)

California Pathfinder (ES, Keisa Williams)
Ohio History (ES, SHaberstroh)