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MS - grade 8 Social Studies
Carolyn Gundrum, School Librarian
**American Revolution - Reviewed sites**

MS - grade 8 Social Studies
Carolyn Gundrum, School Librarian
**Age of Jefferson - Reviewed sites**

Primary Resources
Primary Resources Pathfinder (ES, Keisa Williams)
Primary Documents and Sources Pathfinder (HS, Julie Greller)

SweetSearch Biographies (ES, MS, HS Sweet Search)

Asian Studies
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Pathfinder (ES, Keisa Williams)

American Decades
The American Decades (HS, Julie Greller)

Black History
Black History Resources (ES, Keisa Williams)
Black History for Kids (ES, Keisa Williams)

Hispanic American Studies
Justice Sonya Sotomayor Pathfinder (ES, Keisa Williams)

Native American Studies
Native American Group Links (ES, grade 4, Suzie Martin)
Native American Culture/ American Indian Literature Pathfinder (ES, grades 4-5, Keisa Williams)
First Peoples of North America Pathfinder to support the First People's of North America Project (ES, grades 4-5, Keisa Williams)
Ohlone Pathfinder (ES, grade 3, Keisa Williams)

Mesoamerican Studies
Mesoamerican Civilizations (ES, MS, zmidler)

Women's History
Women's History Month (ES, Keisa Williams)
Women's History Month (Es. MS, H

World Cultures
Middle East (HS, Mary Schwander)

Cybrary Man's Social Studies Pathfinders
Families Pathfinder (ES, Keisa Williams)
Poverty Pathfinder (ES, Keisa Williams)
Summer Olympics 2008 (ES, Keisa Williams)

Historical Speeches (MS, Nancy Keane)
101 Great Sites for Social Studies (mostly primary sources) (MS, HS findingDulcinea)
9 Sites for Interesting Interviews (MS, HS findingDulcinea)